Our Approach

At Newfound Associates, we believe that no two searches are exactly alike.  As a small boutique search practice, we are nimble and are not bound by the bureaucracy of larger firms which sometimes dictate the search process, the terms of engagement or assign less senior recruiters on your critical assignments.  


In our business, we firmly believe that bigger is not always better.  What really counts is that we take the time to understand not only the technical skill set requirements of the position, but also the nuances related to a specific company's culture.  Through years of experience, we  carefully craft a recruiting strategy for candidate identification.  We then execute a customized plan to canvas the market in a logical fashion resulting in strong coverage and an optimum candidate pool.  Our motto is "no stone unturned".  We directly recruit candidates, but very often, we find talent through creative approaches by connecting with centers of influence that know our target constituency.  We are relentless in our pursuit of the ideal candidates for our clients.  Persistence, perseverance and patience are required in today's competitive recruiting environment, and we stand by our past record of success.


At Newfound Associates, we are committed to the speed of recruitment as we understand that you not only need the best talent, but most often, you also need to make a hire as soon as possible.  At the stroke of a key, we are able to customize our search parameters to target the best candidates for you through direct phone access, bulk emails, social media and other innovative means.  Our state-of-the-art recruiting software system allows us on-line access for sourcing candidates, record keeping and client reporting.  Our proprietary "in the cloud" database is well populated and allows us to connect to various industry directories and social media websites.  Talent is on the move and our systems are flexible enough to keep up with frequent employee job changes in this rapidly changing world.  We are tracking people 24/7.  

Establishing Relationships  

​Despite all of these modern capabilities, we still find that the most effective approach to recruitment is "speaking directly" with individuals and through face-to-face informal meetings.  We like to make the time to meet the individuals that we represent.  A resume does not always paint a complete picture, so meeting with prospective candidates helps build trust throughout the search process and in particular down the line in final negotiations.  

Our business is built on establishing relationships with BOTH our clients and our candidates.  Therefore, it is imperative that we have an introductory meeting with our client companies at their corporate offices.  We feel that it is best to understand the corporate culture of an organization and as we like to say, "get out and kick the tires".  After a comprehensive discussion about the business and the hiring requirements, we can then best structure a search strategy and a mutually beneficial working arrangement.

Terms of Engagement      

Newfound Associates offers traditional exclusive Retained Search services for Senior Management positions, a Modified Retained Search​ option for Mid-Level positions and a Contingency approach for lower level assignments.  We would be happy to discuss additional details about these programs after we have met you and have had the ability to completely assess your search requirements.  Subsequently, we will be able to offer a customized working arrangement that makes sense for all parties.    


Newfound Associates offers an unconditional guarantee of our search process, the suitability of the candidates presented, and the fact that they are as we represent them.  Should a hired individual leave employment or be terminated, with cause, within 90 days of start date, our firm will conduct another search to replace the individual at no additional charge.

We look forward to doing business with your organization!  

Newfound Associates is a woman-owned business and refers quality candidates without regard to race, gender, 

religion, sexual preference, age, national origin or handicap.